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Dear Students of 2022 A/L Batch,

We would like to meet you all next Wednesday ,the 1st of July at our school .

Time to be present at school –
Grade 12 Commerce Tamil medium
8.00 a.m

Grade 12 Commerce English medium and Arts
8.30 a.m

The following procedures should be strictly adhered when you all inside the school premises .

?? Attire – Casual dress which is suitable for our school
and with proper hair style

?? Everyone should wear masks.

?? Everyone should wash their hands properly and social distance should be maintained when washing hands.

?? Foot wear sanitizing mat will be available at the school entrance, every one must sanitize your foot wear.

?? If you have any symptoms like fever, cough or cold inform to your class teacher regarding this matter and avoid coming to school on that day.

??Every one must bring your food and water from your home.

?? Those who haven’t submitted your original birth certificate and certified results sheet handover it to the office along with your school fee and join with us as Saivians.
( This is only for the new admission students)

??Your classrooms have been arranged properly according to the guidelines by the Ministry of Health. Strictly adhere to that rules inside the classroom and no one is permitted to change the setup of the classroom.

?? Avoid shaking hands with each other and hugging.
Maintaining social distance inside the school premises is a must strictly adhere to this rule .
Avoid sharing your belongings with others.

?? Parents are not allowed to gather at the entrance. ( Drop and pick-up only)

??We had zoom sessions for you all from the 25th May . Every one must bring your notes along with you . Your notes books will be checked by your subject teachers .

?? Students will be allowed to leave the school premises according the given time

Grade 12 Commerce
Tamil Medium

Grade 12 Commerce
English Medium

-Thank You-