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Being A Saivian

Character is better than ancestry; and personal conduct is of more importance than the highest


Students are supposed to be at school before 7.20 a.m. Students who enter the school after the Morning Prayer commences will be redirected home.
Priority will be given to cleanliness. Attire of all students should be clean and tidy.
Uniform length should be no shorter than knee length.
Hair should be worn in two plaits for middle school and below, and, in one plait for upper school students. Styling hair, Threading of eyebrows, Application of Mehndi, and Manicuring are prohibited.
Students are forbidden to wear the uniform apart from school hours.
Having accounts in social media (Facebook, Instagram) is debarred.
Redundant materials such as Correction Fluid, Calculators, Mobile phones and Cameras are banned from the school premises.
Students are allowed to consume their breakfast from 8.15 to 8.20 a.m.




Students who are late for school should give a valid explanation or will be duly punished.
Regular attendance and punctuality are important. Students are requested not to keep away from school except on grounds of illness or with prior leave approved by the principal. The reason for the absence must be submitted. Parents are advised to refrain from making requests for leave for students to attend weddings. Pilgrimages etc. during school days. Any student who absent herself from school for more than one week without notifying the authorities shall be considered to have left the school.
Students should not leave the school compound during the interval without permission from the Principal or the Vice Principal.
Students must wear the correct school uniform and the school tie. Covered white shoes and white socks should be worn. Hair ribbon should be green. All students are expected to wear long skirts & blouses, half saree or saree at the school cultural programme and functions.
Good behavior is expected from students specially even when they are in school uniform in the public places.
School canteen is kept open only during the interval.
School Excursions and Picnics:
Parents will be informed by letter whenever class picnics and excursions are arranged. Written permission from parents will be necessary before a student is allowed to join the picnic or excursion.
Students should have all the Text Book, Exercise Book etc. at the beginning of the year.
Tests are held regularly and progress reports are issued. Pupils should return their progress reports to the class teacher duly signed by the parent or guardian within a week.
Parents must meet the class teachers once a term and discuss their children’s progress or any other school problems. The time and date will be informed.
Parents must meet the class teachers once a term and discuss their children’s progress or any other school problems. The time and date will be informed.
The parents may meet the Principal by the prior appointment only on Wednesday.
Parents and visitors will not be allowed to stay within the school premises.
Parents should check the child’s homework regularly.
Books borrowed from the school library should not be lent to others.
Students are expected to participate in extra curricular activities of the school.
Students are advised to bring their own meals from their homes.

Students may be asked to leave the school for any of the following reasons.

1. Unsatisfactory attendance.
2. Misconduct or habitual neglect of work.