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Principal’s message

Saiva Mangaiyar Vidyalayam is the only assisted private school for Hindu girls in the country. The school was established to preserve Hindu religion, culture and traditions. Our goal now is to mould our children to think logically and face the changes in the modern world bravely and wisely. The school promises a very enchanting environmental envelope for children to learn, grow and spread their wings.
When we talk of curriculum, we mean planning, involving implementation of different types of instructional strategies. We advocate activity-based learning thus blending cognitive, effective and psychomotor domains of the process. Children are recognised for their skills, and the atmosphere in the school ensures them holistic development. “Education is not only learning offacts but training the mind to think”. Promoting a positive school learning environment and we adopt a process of continuous improvement of teaching and learning.
I am elated by the corporation and encouragement extended to me by our manager and the management. The Past pupils’ Association support the school in numerous ways. I am grateful to my teachers for their hard work, unstinting support, loyalty and co-operation. The Non-academic staff is efficient and cooperative. Our parents, appreciate our efforts and support us wholeheartedly. We promise an academic environment which is conducive to learning and achievement for all our students.

Mrs Arunthathy Rajavijayan