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Kids, Adolescents, Young Adults


Primary education is the foundation for them to prove their excellence for the higher classes. Under the motto “Learning with Pleasure” we try to balance their mental and physical growth individually from infants.
for grade 1 students, first two weeks we let them get in touch with a school environment and with each other not only that we let them do their own crafts to see their ability in creation.
We teach to read and write Sinhala Language, ICT, western music and formal dance activities from Grade1 onwards.
We send our children to all National level competition to enhance their extra-curricular activities
Our primary building has five parallel divisions from 1 – 5.

Middle School – Young Adults

Our children are offered with an educational program based on creativity and independent thinking. The students are taught and guided by well by experienced teachers.
Our Middle school from 6 to 8 was constructed in 2016 and it has 5 parallel divisions.
In conformity with the national curriculum the middle school has two language mediums, Tamil and English.
Besides education many opportunities are given to develop their skills such as Aesthetics, Sports, Drama, Yoga, ICT, Elocution and PT skills.
At this stage, children undergo many physical and emotional upheavals are carefully bought to the shore with concern by the well trained psychology and counselling teachers.
Persistent coaching is rendered to succeed in Olympiad exam and other national level competitions. Above all we conduct math camp annually for the students.
All the children are given equal opportunities to express their talents and have stage experiences. Every year we conduct inter school Drama competitions, Junior English day, exhibitions and traditional events are judged and awarded with certificates by our efficient teachers.

Upper school Adolescents

Main prominence is focused on achieving high excellence in ordinary and
advanced level examinations.
We regularly conduct exams and seminar and let the children to level up their performance.
We are also conscious that students give equal priority to co-curricular activities and thus develop their caliber.
Our school is revered for producing excellent results in public examinations among the popular academic circle in Sri Lanka.

Ordinary Levels

The complete period of two years, from Grades 10 -11, come under the O/L section, which is a total of 5 classes, 4 of the Tamil Medium and 1 of the English Medium. With a fine number of students and a team of reputed teachers, this secon of our school is known to produce the best results, numerous 9As being a mark of pride for us.

Advanced Levels

A total of  five streams are available in the A/L section, namely Biological
science, Physical science, Commerce, Arts and ICT.
The Kalagam Learning Centre and Visions California, a five story block was
built especially for the Bio Science and Physical Science streams. All
laboratories have been renovated and equipped completely, where subject
practicals are conducted regularly. The staff in this section are well
experienced renowned senior teachers, who contribute their maximum
effort, and thus produce the best results.
And the Commerce, Arts and ICT streams, which are based in the main
building of the school, are also maneuvered by skilled teachers who are
eminent in the academically known circle.