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“Mozhivathu Aramozhi 2021”

“Necessary changes are forced by the power of media and communication”. The first Media Day, “Mozhivathu Aramozhi 2021” of Saiva Mangaiyar Vidyalayam was held in a virtual platform on the 09th of July 2021(Today). The Media Unit launched its first E-Journal which aims to open up an extensive knowledge and information. Mrs.Yaso Gunaseelan, Lawyer & Vice President of Saiva Mangaiyar Kalagam was the Chief Guest whose involvement and interest towards this event was a great support for us.It was an immense pleasure to have Mr.Murugesu Senthilnathan, Chief Operating Officer of Express Newspapers (Ceylon) Pvt Ltd. , Mr.Nallaiah Vijayasundaram,
Principal, J/K.M.M.T.K.School &
Chief editor of Valamburi Newspaper and Iyathurai Gajamugan, Channel Head of Shakthi FM as our Guests of Honour who graced this event and their contribution was commendable. We are gratified to share few highlights of the event.